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plumber installing toilet Modern toilets put the fun back in functional.  Traditionally the least glamorous of the bathroom fixtures, today people are incorporating design elements, innovative style, and color into their bathroom toilets.

There are toilets of every shape and size designed to accommodate just about every type of bathroom.  Today homeowners also have the option of environmentally friendly dual-flush mechanisms.  These use less than a gallon of water per flush, and so save water.

And while the self-cleaning toilet has not yet been designed–we are all eagerly waiting for that day–some models are easier to clean than others.  Pore-free ceramics and water-repellent glazes help to keep the inner bowl free of germs and limescale.  Removable toilet seats that clip on and off make cleaning much easier.  And if you have a guy who has trouble remembering to put the toilet seat down, modern technology has solved that problem.  Bathroom fixture suppliers offer hydraulically operated, self-closing seats that lower themselves after use.

basic bathroom toilet Modern bathroom design favors sleek, white, pared-down toilets.  Not only does this look go well with modern design, it also minimizes areas where germs can hide.  Toilets basically come in three types:  one-piece, back-to-wall, and wall hung.

One-piece toilets comprise a cistern and bowl in one unit, with the cistern placed visibly above and behind the bowl.  One-piece toilets are generally the easiest to install as they require no structural work, but can be difficult to clean around.

white porcelain toilet In back-to-wall toilets, the cistern is hidden in the wall or in built in furniture, and the bowl is set flush up against either the wall or the furniture.  Back-to-wall toilets are good for smaller bathrooms, but the cistern must be placed so that it is accessible.

Wall-hung models have no pedestal but are cantilevered from the wall.  This type creates more space and makes it easy to clean underneath, but the wall must be strong enough to support the weight of the toilet.

For more information about toilets, visit Kohler's toilet selection guide and American Standard's toilets, seats, and bidets page.

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